Our Responsibility





At Blenheim Facility Services, we care about our impact on the environment. We believe that our facilities works can be sustainable and aim to minimise our environmental impact in everything we do. We provide several environmentally friendly services including solar panels, green roofs and storm savers.

Data Protection

We respect the privacy rights of our staff, customers and suppliers. We are committed to managing personal data in a professional, lawful and ethical way. Please click here to see our GDPR-compliant privacy policy.


We strive to have a positive effect on the communities in which we work in. From fundraising to sponsoring events and helping with charity projects, see what we get up to by clicking here.

Health & Safety

At Blenheim, we prioritise the operation of completely safe and highly efficient workplaces for our employees and clients. Our operatives are highly qualified (CIS accrued.) to carry out all works, with regular performance reviews taking place to ensure a high standard of health and safety compliance is maintained.